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CMP Construction offers over 30 years’ experience as a successful New Zealand construction company specialising in apartment construction and large commercial and industrial developments. We are a privately owned company with solid family values. Small enough to be agile, yet big enough to offer full service capability from draft concept to final build.

Established in 1989 in Auckland with just four people, and led by director Ron Macrae, we have since grown to 100 staff, ranging from highly experienced quantity surveyors and engineers to site managers and specialist project managers. Our flat management structure enables us to make decisions quickly and effectively.

We have established longstanding and robust relationships with banks, developers and subcontractors. Our proven track record instils confidence that invariably pays off when it comes time to secure finance. We have the vision, contacts and integrity to make projects happen.

Whilst our focus was initially on the Auckland region, in recent years interesting projects have taken us to Taupo, Wellington and the South Island. We now have permanent offices in Wellington and Queenstown, with plans for Christchurch to follow. Our well-established company processes and systems, close-knit teams and all hands-on culture mean we continue to deliver the high standard of work and to set new standards in our industry. Capable, meticulous, proven – CMP.

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Our track record in bringing projects to a successful completion means that we can be discerning about the types of commercial and industrial projects we work on. We like viable, interesting developments with robust developers and strong banks – and where possible we ensure we’re involved from day one. We make it our business to develop an effective and positive working relationship with our client and our consultants. By undertaking value management exercises early in the project planning stage we are able to make suggestions to the design team that contribute to making projects more affordable and that avoid repeat work. This helps to ensure that projects meet a funder’s requirements.

Our commitment to investing in continual improvements by exploring new solutions, technologies and processes enables us to achieve greater efficiencies in managing projects and measuring our progress. This ensures we know that what we construct is built the right way. We take the time to evaluate the feasibility of the latest methods of construction before committing to any new technology.


We consistently apply quality to every aspect of our business, from pricing and contracts to construction and standards of finish.

We aim to cultivate a transparent, responsive work environment in which we willingly share our knowledge and expertise with each other. This trust is extended to our clients and associates.

We keep up-to-date with the very latest technologies and processes and continually invest in exploring new solutions and ways to achieve greater efficiencies.

We are well placed to evaluate the practical applications of new products, systems and emerging technologies from global markets.

“A good site is a safe site.”
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We have implemented robust policies to enhance the health and safety of our workers and stakeholders on our sites.

Every CMP Construction project is individually evaluated by M.C. Consultancies Services Associates Limited and allocated a site-specific safety plan that identifies, assesses, manages and controls risk on that site prior to work commencing. Our consultants also monitor health and safety on each site to offset risk. This enables us to give our clients independent reports about our levels of health and safety compliance.


At CMP Construction we are totally committed to creating drug and alcohol-free workplaces to protect our people, our clients and the integrity of our sites. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any consumption of alcohol and drug taking on our sites. To ensure compliance we use an independent consultant specialising in workplace drug testing to undertake random tests on our sites. Any worker found to be non-compliant is removed from the site immediately and not permitted to return.


We believe in more than just building structures; we're dedicated to building stronger communities. Through charitable contributions such as Westpac, North Harbour Rugby and more, we're committed to giving back and making a positive impact where we live and work. Building futures extends beyond construction for us.

Other CMP businesses

CMP Living is a property development company specialising in luxury townhouses and apartments. It brings together a full-service capability, from draft to concept to final build, with CMP’s experienced team of quantity surveyors, engineers, site managers and specialist project managers, creating breath-taking homes of stunning quality in beautiful locations.

CMP Interiors is a boutique commercial interior fitout company. Its association with CMP Construction provides clients access to our long-established networks and experience. It offers comprehensive turnkey fitout solutions to get business underway as quickly and efficiently as possible. From hospitality to corporate – clients can expect professional integrated designs, fitouts, renovations and refurbishments that will inspire and exceed their objectives.

Macrae Equipment has been operating since 2010. It provides heavy duty plant across New Zealand, specialising in Tower and mobile cranes as well as other associated equipment. During this time, Macrae have built a reputation managing complex and challenging lifts. The company has a key group of experienced crane operators and management staff with a vast collective industry knowledge.